Surface treatment

Grupa Kęty offers its customers the aluminium profiles refining service with the use of various technologies.

GK w liczbach

We propose processes which supplement extruded products with particular practical and aesthetic features.


An eletrochemical process as a result of which aluminium surface is covered with an oxide coat.

The oxide coat protects the profile surface against mechanical damage and corrosion, whereas a dye applied in the process provides the elements with a selected colour and decorative functions.

The modern and efficient anodising lines of Grupa Kęty ensure a variety of products for the customers and repeatable quality.

Exceptional is the technical capacity of the anodising plant in Slovenia, which is capable of producing special effects, such as stainless steel dying or applying two-colour anodes, on a mass scale, even for profiles of the highest surface quality.

The Anodising Plant in Kęty, Poland:

  • maximum length of anodised profiles: 7,100 mm
  • coat colours: natural (silver), golden, black
  • additional processes: sanding, satin finishing

The Anodising Plant in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia (Aluminium Kety EMMI):

  • maximum dimensions of anodised elements: 3,500 x 650 x 1,550 mm
  • coat types: chemical dying, electrochemical dying, stainless steel effect
  • additional processes: satin finishing, brushing, grinding, mechanical polishing and electrochemical polishing, sanding

Our anodising technologies are environmentally friendly. All of the processes are carried out in accordance with the implemented Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

The quality of the applied coats has been confirmed with the Qualanod certificate.

Powder coating

For decorative and protective purposes we offer powder coating of raw profiles to a selected RAL colour or other colour.

The paint coat is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, high temperature and mechanical damage.

The powder coating service is provided within internal cooperation with Aluprof, a subsidiary of the Capital Group, or we order is with professional partners outside of the Group.