Responsible business

Community involvement

We are a part of the local community where we try to initiate actions aimed at the community development.

GK w liczbach

The Extruded Products Segment has been engaged in the activities of the ‘Grupa Kęty for the Children of the Podbeskidzie Region’ Corporate Foundation, which supports the charges of special educational establishments. The aim of the Foundation is to give the children a better start in their adult lives by way of helping them to gain education and qualifications, start independent life or participate in cultural and sports events.

Fundacja Grupa Kęty Dzieciom Podbeskidzia

The EPS has also participated in the ‘Together with the GROUP’ Corporate Programme, which combines the voluntary work of our employees with the financial support of the Capital Group of Grupa Kęty S.A. The programme focuses on projects recommended or conceived and subsequently carried out by the Company employees. It encourages to undertaking joint charity activities for the local community, particularly children and youths. Grants are given to schools, kindergartens, libraries, sports clubs, local societies or organisations dealing with rescuing life and protecting health (Fire Service, First Aid).


The EPS has also propagated the idea of educating through sport, supporting the local sports clubs, engaging in the organisation of competitions, and sponsoring sports events. Both our employees and the charges of the Foundation gladly participate in the events.


Further, the Company is a partner of many social, cultural or sports projects organised by external entities, public utility institutions, foundations and societies, e.g. the Bielsko-Biała Branch of the Polish Tatra Society, or the ARKA Ecological Foundation.


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