The foundry consisting of four lines may produce up to 50,000 tons billets a year.

GK w liczbach

The plant is particularly designed to cast billets of varied chemical compositions. The whole foundry charge is intended solely for our own manufacturing needs.

It is a special place at Grupa Kęty – the oldest manufacturing department of the whole Company, the germ of Grupa Kęty history and a cradle of our achievements in the processing of aluminium and its alloys.

Low CarbonKety

In our foundry plant, we also have the technological capacity
to produce billets in a way that allows lower carbon dioxide emissions.


BUREAU VERITAS has independently verified the carbon footprint of our billets produced with this technology and confirmed the low emissions per unit of product.

The total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for these billets are only:



The analysis BUREAU VERITAS takes into account the stages of the product life cycle ("cradle to gate") and greenhouse gas emissions related to the acquisition and processing of raw materials, production and transport of raw materials, fuel consumption in production and transport, electricity and heat consumption (all 3 ranges).

The higher the content of recycled material in the composition of the billets is associated with lower carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon footprint of recycled aluminum is only emissions related to its transport. By comparison, the average carbon footprint of billets produced from primary aluminum, where emissions also include the extraction and processing of aluminum ore, is 6.7t CO2e/t in Europe, and the world average is 16.7t CO2e/t.

In the Development Strategy of Grupa Kęty SA for the years 2021-2025, in addition to business goals, tasks supporting global trends in decarbonisation and the circular economy are also set. We undertake a number of environmental measures, including those leading to a reduction in the carbon footprint of our products.