Research and Development Centre

Plays a key role in our development.

GK w liczbach

We are fully prepared to accept orders for products which require speciality equipment to be manufactured, expert know-how, and compliance with restrictive quality procedures.


A key role in our development is played by the in-house Research and Development Centre (R&DC), employing professional staff and furnished with modern controls and instrumentation.

The R&DC is not only a place where hundreds of standard tests are made to release products for delivery, but also a scientific base for the innovative projects undertaken by the Company. The Centre has continuously worked on new technologies implementation, as well as use of novelties and engineering inventions. In that area the activities of the R&DC focus mainly on the optimisation of production processes and consist in testing in laboratory conditions of new parameters which result in production capacity improvement and reduced energy consumption. Regularly, the Centre has also been working on extending the assortment of products, particularly those to be applied in prestigious hi-tech sectors of industry.


Tests which may be carried out by the R&DC:

  • analyses of chemical composition
  • strength tests
  • metallographic tests
  • spatial measurements on a 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • ultrasonic tests of billets and finished products
  • electrical conductivity measurements
  • tests for the automotive industry.

Many R&DC projects have been performed in cooperation with established scientific and research institutions in Poland.