Aluminium is a perfect material for welding.

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The properties of the metal enable welding with various techniques, however, the most productive and effective are the arc welding methods. In that way we manufacture components and structures made of aluminium alloys of 5xxx and 6xxx grades.

The Welding Shop of Grupa Kęty possesses certificates confirming the quality requirements of the welded products:

  • EN ISO 3834-2 certificate. Comprehensive quality requirements for welding
  • EN ISO 15085-2 certificate. Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components
  • EN ISO 1090-3 certificate. Technical requirements for aluminium structures



TIG Method

With regard to its parameters, the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) method is the most frequently applied one in precise welding of thin and irregularly shaped elements. The welds produced with the TIG method are clean and their surfaces are highly aesthetic.


The MIG (Metal Inert Gas) method performs well in welding thicker elements of aluminium structures.

It is perfect for long welds, and with the proper selection of process parameters it also provides highly aesthetic surfaces, contrary to popular beliefs.

We also possess and automated lengthwise welding bench, where elements up to 12 m long may be welded.

Stud welding

"Drawn arc stud welding of ignition tip studs".

The operation of fixing threaded aluminium studs to the element surface is made with method No. 786 "Drawn arc stud welding of ignition tip studs".

Stud welding is a practical and effective solution, for it does not require drilling of surfaces as in other traditional methods where bolts, rivets or rivet nuts are applied.